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  a Marionette Musical  

Sisi's Secret

The first musical with marionettes about Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) performed at Schloss Schönbrunn.


With a lot of music we live through the most important periods of Sisi’s life, where the relationship and the love to Franz Josef awakens, darkens, is tested and is finally confirmed. A play for an audience of all ages. For our international guests Sisi will also be available in various languages.

More than 40 marionettes are handmade for this play.

Our Vision

For the first time after 25 years of operas with marionettes in Schloss Schönbrunn, we work on a musical about Empress Sisi. Sisi lived in Schloss Schönbrunn, therefore it is THE place for a play about her life.

Our Team

 Everything that is seen on stage is handmade by our theatre. A well-established team of stage designers, costume designers, tailors, sculptors and painters are working in our theatre workshop on the creation of the marionettes. We are working based on an old tradition from the times of Empress Maria Theresia around 1700.  

Our Theater

The Marionettes Theatre Schönbrunn exists since 25 years. We are open nearly every day and play over 400 shows per year. But parallel we are also on tour worldwide.

Sisi on Tour

With our mobile stage we are traveling through the world since 40 years. Also Sisi will be traveling with us in 2019. We already performed in:  Athens, Amman, Berlin, Boston, Brussels, Florence, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Montreal, New York, Paris, Beijing, Rome, Seoul, Tehran and many more.


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